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About Us

Sangres Webs and the resources it offers grew out of our original web site, The Writer’s Personal Coach, where serious writers can find professional editorial coaching and related publishing expertise.  The Writer's PC site provides details about specific editorial and production services, contact information, relevant qualifications and experience, and a fee schedule.  It also provides useful tips and information, resources, and recommended references for writers. 

Since 1987, in response to client interest, we have expanded our professional work to include the related skills of computer tutoring and coaching, technical support, and website design, hosting, and maintenance.  Accordingly, in the years since Writer's PC began, we have moved beyond conventional publishing services, adding new tools to assist clients in expressing their creative ideas.  Writer's PC thus has become the springboard for numerous activities and skills that facilitate and express the creative process.  Sangres Webs is one of them.

All our clients have access to related services such as scanning and formatting of text, graphics, and photos, photography, production of ads and promotional materials, and photoediting.  We also offer clients assistance in conceptualizing, designing, and publishing their own web sites through our hosting capabilities, which include a sophisticated Control Panel and a variety of web statistics and analysis tools. 

Editor and designer Bonnie Simrell brings to this work over 20 years of hands-on experience with computers and the internet, as well as more than 30 years of in-depth experience in book publishing with major publishers, including acquisitions, author and manuscript development, and production management.  These skills add a unique and important dimension to website organization, design, text preparation, and development at Sangres Webs. 

Writer's PC and Sangres Webs are located in Westcliffe, Colorado, in the Wet Mountain Valley, bordered on the West by the splendid Sangre de Cristo mountains.  In addition to her other professional pursuits, Bonnie serves as PC tech and tutor for many clients in the valley and elsewhere. 

Getting started:  We work closely with our web clients all along the way, and there is no charge for ongoing consultation to establish the basic web concept and guide site development.  Document exchanges and correspondence are by email, or by regular mail in the case of CDs, photo prints, text for scanning, and the like.

An introductory telephone conversation can be reassuring and helpful when dealing with a new internet contact.  We do not charge for this initial discussion, whether or not it results in a project for Sangres Webs, and it may cover any of the services we offer. 

References are available on request.

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Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

Photos by Writer's PC