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PC Technical Services

Many of our clients need assistance with the computer software and applications that will facilitate their work.  Technical support is important, too, when a PC crashes, the modem stops working, that email never arrives, the computer becomes sluggish and unreliable, favorite programs don't work properly, or any of a number of other problems arise.  We provide computer support locally, in person, and by email or phone for more distant clients.  Recent moves of technical support and customer service functions overseas by major computer manufacturers, software makers, and ISPs have made our made-in-the-USA services even more valuable.

Tutoring in general computer skills (all versions of Windows) includes Windows and MS Office applications, networking, internet connections and use, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  Clients who wish to build and maintain their own websites find our coaching invaluable.  We provide and install computer parts, such as CD-ROMs, additional memory, and software, and perform system upgrades on PCs as needed and appropriate, depending on PC age and capacity.  We also consult on needed components and software for new computers based on the purchaser's needs, and will set up the computer when it arrives.

The most important single factor in ensuring computer performance today is rigorous protection against internet driven viruses, spyware, malware, and other harmful files.  Browsing the internet can become an unpleasant hassle with hordes of commercial popup ads and computer warnings designed to scare web users into buying unnecessary products.  At Sangres Webs, we have put together an effective package of preventive third-party software programs, some of them free, that in combination will keep your computer free of bugs.  These programs were tested on Sangres Webs PCs over several years and are successfully protecting numerous client PCs.  We also recommend the use of Mozilla browsers and email, which are far less vulnerable to invasion than Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

Computer coaching and troubleshooting is conducted in person, by phone, or by email.  Document exchanges and correspondence are by email, or by regular mail in the case of CDs, photo prints, text for scanning, and the like.

An introductory telephone conversation can be reassuring and helpful when dealing with a new internet contact.  We do not charge for this initial discussion, whether or not it results in a project for Sangres Webs, and it may cover any of the services we offer. 

References are available on request.

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Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

Professional photography and photoediting services by Sangres Webs

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